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Monday, December 20, 2010

Daini 7th Birthday

17 December 2010
It's Daini's Birthday
Happy Birthday to my dear
Daini Alisa (Adik)
She is a December born girl....
very manja and she called herself Adik though she has one younger brother and and one younger sister....
We had a small celebration for Daini's birthday at Johnny's Bukit Raja. Just our family and her cousins around...
From left : Fiqri, Afdlin and Aizad (neighbour)
Steamboat is the main dish ordered... my kids just love it...
and her favourite cousin.. Faheem.. Happy Birthday Daini
Iman and her mom Cik Da (enche hubby's sister) - Happy Birthday Daini
Her cousin Alya - Muaahh Happy Birthday Kakak Naini
Then we continue the celebration at Baskin Robbin  for ice cream feast... Everybody got to choose their own favourite flavour... no limit... No cakes for the night.... just ice cream....
Thanks to all for the special nights.....
Faheem and her mom (Antie) my sis
Opah and Tok
Cik Im, Daini, Alya, Cik Shila and Suhaila
Cik Da, Cik Yazid and Iman
and of course my big happy family
This is my birthday girl....Daini
from Daini with Love
Thanks to all my aunties and uncles, beloved cousins,
friends, tok and opah and especially
Mama and Baba
for coming to my special night and special thanks for the
gifts from all you....
I love you...

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