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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kedai Baby's Launching Giveaway

Hi all, this is my first contest entry ... sometimes I'm called to join.. not that I'm not supportive but I just don't know how to react.. so this time I'll give a try and when I read through what's needed to be done to win the prize... it's not that tough... I couldn't help my self from aiming the prize.. especially the cute slogan tee for my girl....

That's it! 7 simple steps to win a cute slogan tee for your beloved lil ones! please hurry up friends .. for more details you can click

TWO ONE winners will be selected, based on your blog entries (Because one of the winner could be me.. ha ha). So, looking forward to read your entries, mommies & daddies! Mari kita terjahhh!!! Hehe.

Winner will be announce 1 week after the deadline:

30 January 2011, 8.00am

Really hope that this could be mine...
They have other cute items on sale at a very affordable and reasonable prize...
For order made in December...
shipping is free

so friends below... watch out for this ..
You're tagged by Ms Dots :
1. Mummy of Awwal Hariz (Niz) from Life is Anakku
2. Mama Qiestina (Yat) from My Sweet Sour Life
3. Mama Ayra and Raina (Iza) The Pink Stilettos
4. Mummy Adam and Akmal (Yaya) Yaya Family
5. Mummy Ichiro (Mrs Imran) Mr & Mrs Imran

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