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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Exotic Salad...

One thing I love about going back to enche hubby's hometown is to go to the fish market... we will surely make a point to do marketing every time we went back to Sungai Besar.... it's cheap and fresh... I love those makcik selling all sorts of ulam.... 

These are some of the ingredients I bought last weekend.... if you are looking for cili padi yang memang hot.... which you hardly found in Shah Alam.... here's the place... I always have this issue of "rambang mata" when buying chillies over end up buying from few shops... the quality of hotness is superb... meaning you just need a few shots to bring you the flaming hot flavour to your dish....

Other stuffs I bought, young galangal, lemongrass, pineapple, petai, daun kesum, ginger etc..

When I have all these ingredients in hand.... my recipe thinking process will automatically enhanced..... and I love cooking when ingredients are fresh and available... the chopping, squeezing ahhhh... is very satisfying.......

This time, I'm preparing a more exotic salad......Chicken F_ _ t Salad ... I have once shared this recipe but no harm sharing it again just in case someone missed it......


Chicken F_ _t 
Glass noodles
Chilli Padi
Lime Juice
Salt , Sugar &  Pepper
Fish Sauce

and don't forget the magic spell
A drop of love



 Boiled chicken feet until soft. De bone it (Put aside)
Soak the glass noodle in warm water until soft (Put aside)
Slice/dice all other ingredients (Tomato, lemongrass, chilli padi, shallots)
Toss everything in a mixing bowl
Add fish sauce, salt, sugar & pepper
Squeeze the lime
Add the chopped coriander leaves
and finally
drop the spell (Mom's love) to the dish..

very easy ... I just love the texture of chicken F_ _ t... crunchy, chewy and hmmmmm... best of all... the bite of chilli padi, onion and coriander leaves and the soury zest of lime ...make this dish taste to perfection... try this... or you can get this from most of Thailand Restaurant....

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