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Friday, April 30, 2010

Secret Time Out

Need to stay back but need something sweet to release the tense running through my vein. Intended to buy a slice of pecan butterscotch cake but ended up having dinner with 2 officemate there. Browsing through the menu and the smiling face of a lady welcome us saying life is sweet. How I wish it's true all the time...

The 2 frenz ordered Tom Yum Kung...
So I prefer to choose grilled dory fish with mozarella cheese.. Topped with cherry tomato and served with potato wedges and asparagus. It's a simple dish but the presentation catch my eye..
I don't know secret recipe light up a candle on each table ... but I llllloooiiiikkkeee!!!!!!!
BRAVO!!! Back to office ... stay for another hour and off you go.... I bought the cake but ended up eating at home..with the kids...imagine a slice of cake for 3 little mouth plus's so sweet.

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