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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Vacation to Sabah - Day 2

As planned, today everybody woke up early and get ready to go to the Mount Kinabalu. It took us about 1 and a half hours before we can view the Mount Kinabalu. The scenary along the journey is fantastic. I guess the +ve iron is filling the air.. so it's good to get a deep breathe of fresh air to clear your lungs which we hardly get way back in KL. We chartered a 12 seater van with a driver and hubby drove another car.. My mom and her assistance were well prepared with the home cooked breakfast and lunch so less the hassle to go and look for food plus we have so many toddlers and babies following.. just imagine if you want to bring them to restaurant...surely become a chaos.

The driver by the name of Shadat which looks very much alike of  Amy Search said that our first stop would be Nabalu Park. 
We had our breakfast here..which is Nasi lemak daun pisang and sandwiches.. the aroma of the nasi lemak along the journey makes everybody feels very hungry. Nabalu Park has a few rows of shops which sells souvenirs. B'coz it's still early in the morning, we get a good bargain for being the first customer of the day... I bought some souvenirs (fridge magnet and t-shirts)   


Grandsons of Tn Hj. Idris (from left : Fiqri, Dzafrel, Farrel and Faheem) .. We're cousins
Me and family with Mount Kinabalu as background
One of the view point and strategic venue for photo shot.
Tn Hj Idris clan.
The next stop is Poring Hot Spring. A good picnic spot with the combination of hot spring , pool and waterfalls.
Once we reach to the centre of the recreational park, the kids eyes has spotted the pools. Nothing can stop them from jumping into the pool. The kids were busy with the slide pool and we let my brother to take care of them. 
  I am curious to explore the route to the waterfalls. The directions state it's a 7 minutes walking distance to reach the Kipungit Waterfall. There is another waterfall (Langanan Waterfall) which tooks about 2 hrs journey to reach there . We did not plan to deep in the water so, just snap photo, wash our face and deep in our feet into the water. Guess what.. we got fish spa here ... it's totally free of charge.. so that's keep us here for another half an hour before we realise we must quickly come down the hill to take our lunch and leave at 2.00 pm. But it is wonderful, i've once deep my feet in Tasik Dayang Bunting, Langkawi and the cat fish is ready to give you a mild bite and tingling sensation. Same thing here except the size of the fish is much smaller and I don't know what kind of fish they are.
The next stop is Kundasang Town itself. It's just a row of stalls along the roadside selling the local kerepek and fruits.
Then continue our journey to Kinabalu Park. Shadat explained to us the history bit of Mount Kinabalu.. like a school trip laa...
Before we end out trip, we requested Shadat to drop us at 1 Borneo , the largest and latest shopping mall in KK.
Main intention is to bring the kids to Mc D so that tonight Mom and Baba can peacefully enjoying ikan bakar located behind Sabah Handicraft Market (previously known as Phillipino market) famous of selling pearls and handicraft....The price is not that cheap but one thing for sure , its fresh.
So end of Day 2. The next day, we just walk around KK town and ready to take off to KL... Had a great time and looking forward for next year trip


  1. hye akak :)

    i.m yat opismate azuann..ur hubby soh singgah sini komen pape.btw nice belog u have.. i liokeee.nanti saye link kan belog akak ye.nak pggl nama ape eyh?

  2. Thanks Yat.. panggil K Lin je...Congrats sebab belog masuk paper...


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