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Monday, April 19, 2010

Khazin's Birthday at Pizza Hut SACC Mall

Today, me and family were invited to another birthday party which was celebrated at Pizza Hut, SACC Mall. There are many factors which I like about this party.

  • The food are served on your table (not buffet style) and it's a PIZZA and PASTA...
  • The custom made birthday cake with Transformer character taste so yummy.
  • The party pack makes the kids so happy and busy till night coz there are lots of things and gadgets to explore
  • The no of invitees are perfect to make the party merrier. Kids and adults headcounts were just balance.
and I just felt this party can be described as "Less is More..."
Goodie bag full of fun
Dzafrel first time attending outdoor B'day Party
Daini and Faheem excited putting on the mask
Grinned to get hold of the colourful cuppies
The colourful cuppies... the one with M&Ms was really tempting
The whole croud
Chocolate moist cake with Transformer character served on Power Rangers paper plates...
Khazin blowing the lighted candles .. 7 candles all together.. Khazin officially turns 7 years old
Happy Birthday to Khazin and Thank you to Din and Azian for inviting us... We had a great time..

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