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Monday, April 19, 2010

Plant Theraphy

I somehow start to love planting green plants during my 4th pregnancy. Not to ambitious, started with few pots with easy live plant then add on from time to time. I'm always sceptical that plant I planted will not survive long... but my confidence level has increased when some of my plants has shown positive growth under my custodian. There are few pots which has been with me for almost 5 years and to me it's not bad.. not bad at all.

The other limitation is that I don't have landed area to grow my plant, so everything must go in the pot.. Last Saturday I reorganised back all my plants and it's really a mind theraphy. The whole session makes me relax and gives me a peace of mind. It's okay to get your nails and finger dirty , but when you see the fresh baby buds coming out from the plant each day, you'll get really excited. So let me share with you my Mini garden which welcome me everytime I came home from work.
Inherited the tempayan from my mother in law
I always thought growing plants which can be used in your cooking would be very helpful when you need them. Less the hassle of going to the grocery shop and you will only need a piece of them. So three kind of must have leave are curry leave, tumeric leave and pandan leave.

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