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Friday, April 16, 2010

Short Excursion to PD

Last weekend,  me, hubby and my 2 kids (Isha & Daini) joined Uncle Meet Again in Ilham Resort, PD for a short excursion. Uncle Meet Again is nickname for our group of 6 families which we known each other for almost 23 years since our school time. There is nothing much to shout about the school, but somehow rather, we became so close like one family. So this time we plan for something short and simple for a break and coincidently, it's Amani's birthday (Randy and Sri's 2nd daughter). It's half of the qourum coz the rest can't make it for unavoidable reason.
The candle blowing and cake cutting session with Aunties and Uncles singing birthday song.
We had chicken chop, garlic bread and mushroom soup, salad, baked vegetables and butter rice for dinner.
Hubby was so excited to exercise, so he brought his bicycle along to PD. Worth the effort, first thing in the morning, he manage to cycle around the resort just to get sweat. Cycling is his latest hobby apart from swimming and golfing. Lately, I have tried to ride on his bicycle getting around Shah Alam.. hmmm not bad, you'll get addicted man...
Member of Uncle Meet Again (Hubby, Randy and Izami)


  1. bila mau datang ara damansara main beskal...?he he

  2. Insya Allah sampai... make sure stand by breakfast kao kao to refill back those calories burnt...


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