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Friday, April 23, 2010

Datelines around the corner

Meeting tight datelines can be very stressful... especially if you need to stay back at the office on Friday evening.. your concentration and energy level has dropped .. so what can be done to release the stress ??? your work in your portable hard disk. Bring back the relevant documents for reference...then just clock out from office.

It's Friday so must send kids for KUMON class..luckily their class is at the nearest mall.. while waiting for the kids to finish their KUMON class... just bring over your lappy to Starbuck... then switch on the lappy, order light food and drinks and have a sip of ice blended NEW Espresso and Cream Frappuccino Blended Coffee and a bite of Blueberry Cheese Cake....

The rich and creamy Bluebery cheesecake
The frappuccino
and don't forget your chips.. you'll need this while doing the thinking and reconciling your figures....or you'll crack your head
Finish off your cake..
Then .. you'll be happy to start your work
Wait... before that... upload photos, update blogs...and times up.. kids finished their class... what!!! Still haven't start work yet?? Actually I can work for hours here...with the light music on... it's just the right ambience for work... Next  step is to order more bites for the kids... so they can wait for you patiently..and get back to'll feel your  thinking mode is at the highest efficiency level.. figures ties...notes prepared...well.. I'm done..... I guaranteed this is workable for me.. but can't do this often coz it's pricy and not good for weight watchers the way.. mission accomplished..hurray.. no need to go to office tomorrow... looking forward to spend a wonderful weekend with family at home.

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