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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Movie Combo

Last Saturday, flipping through the newspaper and saw this movie show timetable. Underneath the showtime is the Snippets for When in Rome. So thought of choosing this movie coz it sounds interesting. No reservation was made coz me and hubby need to drop by a place and don't know how long will it take.

We arrived at TGV Sunway Pyramid at about 9.30pm..luckily the queue is not long.. hurriedly bought 2 tickets of Semerah Cinta Stiletto . It's a sincere movie but the fact that their idea of highlighting the 1 Malaysia theme is  a little bit too obvious and overshadow the main cast. I was disappointed with the ending and hoping for something more connected between Stila and Leto rather than just a bump after long lost friend were met.

Cast and Crew

    • Director : Ahmad Idham

    • Cast : Farid Kamil, Lisa Surihani, Cat Farish, Shaharuddin Thamby etc.

    • Genre : Comedy, Romance

    • Run Time : 90 minutes

    • Rating : U

Pretty university student Siti Laila a.k.a Stila (Lisa Surihani) comes from a good family background and is well to do while Leto (Farid Kamil) is an average Joe who works as a fishmonger in the wet market opposite Stila's posh residence. They meet one day when Stila follows her mother , Datin Faiuz, to buy fish for dinner with Stilla's boyfriend, Raymond

Time is still early when we're out of the cinema.. so me and hubby looking at each other and the idea just pop out from our mind.. Why not go for another movie?? this time hubby got his say.. so he chose Date Night for the next movie. Both of us enjoy the movie as it is just a blend of romance of middle age married couple with a little bit of unexpected actions that made the whole story awesome.

Our next movie definitely going to be When in Rome and I can't wait to watch the movie...perhaps this Saturday night????

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