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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

E Filing

Yup... it's April.. means.. it's time for tax filing.. so for the past three years I've been doing this through e:filing. It's much easier than the conventional paper returns... Except that you tend to do it last minute and the system get this time I'm more prepared..Compiled all the necessary documents :

  • E A Form

  • Book Purchase receipts

  • Insurance Statement

  • Dividend warrant

  • Zakat Receipt

  • Sport Equipment purchase receipt.
Then I start to upload those information to the system. Good thing about this e:filing is that you can log in an upload your information then save it.. so you do this as often as you like until you are satisfied ... and one thing I like about e:filing is the auto calculation mode.. So you can do your tax plan and manage your saving efficiently.
So today, I have successfully submitted my form and hubby's and yes...just wait for the refund cheque from the tax authority.... I am proud to be a responsible Malaysian Citizen

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