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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brain Freeze @ Tutti Frutti

I am not a yogurt fan. Just don't have the courage to swallow the soury taste.. but my kiddos are the opposite.. they love it very much... yogurt drink, yogurt itself or even the yogurt that could make their brain freeze..that's how they described it.. it could make your brain freeze faster than the ice cream... they have many many times requested me for a cup of frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti . It's a self service ... so see how they do it...
1st : Choose a cup of your choice (large or small)
2nd : Dispense and swirl the yogurt of your favourite flavour..
3rd : Add on the fruit to give some texture in your frozen yougurt
4th : Next is to sprinkle with candy,jelly,chocolate, nuts etc to make the yogurt look merrier
5th : Don't leave the counter without adding on your favourite sauce
6th : Whatever you put in your cup will be weigh and just pay the number appeared on the scale....
This is Darin's choice of her brain freeze

Enjoy your day kids.....

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