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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grand Prix 2011

Started to feel the heat already? what heat? The Grand Prix 2011 which going to be held next week.. 8-10 April 2011. I have never gone this far as far as Grand Prix is concern... there was this competition going around at my workplace... the contest was easy .. you were only required to answer 3 tricky questions and you got a chance to win a ticket+++ to this grand world motorsport event.. I couldn't be bothered to all this... not even interested to attempt the questions ..

Suddenly, I was invited to be an independent observer replacing Niz in selecting the winners for this competition... 700 hundreds tickets to be won and this was it... the real experience in big event organised...

After 3 hours of serious work...finally everything settled and my part is to put down the final endorsement....
to all 700 hundreds winners especially to my friends who have been selected.... Please realise that you are so lucky to won not just the Grand stand tickets but it will be more than that... more than what you imagine and one thing for sure you are going to have a great experience and much fun awaiting you ...
to all the committed comittees member. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming event.

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