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Thursday, March 10, 2011

All about blueberry

Lately, I love to eat anything that have blueberry inside. I'm prone to choose tart, cakes, muffins with blueberry topping or filling. The taste of blueberry just like an enhancer to your desserts.. especially with the present of creamcheese. What a perfect match. Simply makes your desserts taste awesome.
Then I started to look around for recipe that has blueberry as ingredient. The only recipe which I have tried is this blueberry cheese tart. and believe me, I only did it once.. it was about a year ago... the outcome is not bad but I think I prefer to order from a friend of mine.. Simple and easy... and most important very presentable especially when you need to bring something for pot luck. This has always been my top list. Not to worry, don't let my experience demotivate you.. practice makes perfect.. I will still share with you the recipe which is very reliable and taste so nice... all the best.

Blueberry cheese tart
(makes about 30 pcs)
Ingredients for sweet pastry
125 grams butter/margarine
60 grams icing sugar
1 egg (Grade B)
240 grams wheat flour

Ingredients for cheese filling
250 grams cream cheese
50 grams icing sugar
20 grams margarine (soften)
1/2 tbsp lemon extract
1 egg (Grade B)
Blueberry pie filling

1. Preheat oven at the temperature of 180 C

2. For sweet pastry :-
-beat butter and sugar until creamy
- Add egg and continue beating
- Add flour and mixed until the dough is formed
- Press the dough to baking tin
- Trim the pastry edges with knife
- Baked for 15-20 minutes
- Wait until cold before removing from the mould

3. For cheese filling
- Beat cream cheese, butter and icing until fluffy
- Add on egg and lemon extract
and don't forget
**a bunch of love**

4. Scoop cheese filling into the piping bag and pipe the filling into the baked dough
- Decorate the blueberry filling and baked the tart for 10 minutes at 180 C
the outcome...
(Note : this is the one that I bought from my friend)
and these are my favourite cup cakes from Wondermilk
their new creation
Chocolate Blueberry
Blueberry Cheese
** Blueberry cheesecake from Starbucks**
**Blueberry cheese muffin from The Coffee Bean**
and recently, we discovered the
Blueberry cheese layer cake
specially ordered from Kuching, Sarawak.
It happens that my office mate is on family vacation to Kuching,
quickly pre order the layer cake from the lady and here we are..
10 blueberry cheese layer cakes safely arrived in Shah Alam
Not so sweet
It's like a package but the only problem is , the cake is in Kuching.. so far far away
2 1/2 " wide x 7 1/2 " length x 2 " height
So for those of you happen  to be in Kuching
you can just give a call for order
017- 802 3969 (Faizah)
016-8625953 (Fatimah)
may be can arrange for delivery.. check it out
and this is what I jus saw in today's Top 9 from Food Buzz
Mini Lemon Cheesecake

Click here for recipe

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