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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Dotted Lines - 1st Bufday celebration

It just happened that I thought it will be great if I can have this small celebration for my blog's 1st year bufday.  Obvoiusly my life hasn't change much but the way I thought of it now has changed. I still remember how uncertain I was to get myself involved in this blogging world... but in the end... I just have a go with it.. no turning back..and will keep going...Insya Allah ... I am still learning and improving here and there but at least I gave myself enough space to think and write what's came to my mind.

and by end of year 1 
I noticed that....
I love to write about my kiddos...
I love to write about places I go
I love to share about any events I attended as a remembrance
I love to share what I normally cook at home
I love to share about eating places which I found interesting
and that's about it....
it could be nothing special to others
but it is really means a lot to me
special in every moments
special in its own ways...
never ever thought of hurting others or thinking to show off
sorry if someone felt that way
but this is my space...
and to me The Dotted Lines is just a....

... place to make me laugh and giggle
.... place to make me thought
.... place to connect with friends in virtual world
..... place that I learned and get valuable knowledge...
.... place where I do buy and sell....

and my hope for the coming year
I am not drain out of ideas to share
I am bless with spare time to write
increase the numbers of readers
and not leaving someone's dropping their footproof here empty handed 
without taking something.....
Something which you can't always see and touch
something intangible like ideas, memories, happiness, thought etc
so again
thanks for the endless support

Happy 1st birthday
The Dotted Lines
(p/s I never buy my own birthday cake for myself)
Back to the mini celebration that we had
In the making of my Dots cake...
flavour is secondary, I was looking for the plain white cakes and my idea is to collaborate with Secret Recipe in decorating my cake... so end up chosing this Macademia and I provide the M&M's to be sticked on the cakes... they will do the rest
and here we are
My cake with DOTS
(though the chocolate have melted but it was still ok by the time the candle blowing session took place) 
with friends around
for this... and actually for other reason... I got this special gift...

I'm speechless.. and all I can say.. Thank you...
and with the rest of my friends
(they were here for some other special ocassion which I am going  to share in my next entry)


  1. Dapat jam Guess lagii.. ni pasal blog ke pasal lain?

  2. Ala Cik Anon ni fast thinker la... plus plus other reason..sekali package la tu....

  3. keep on blogging... we might not see each other but i'll see u here @the dotted lines..

  4. keep blogging.. keep blogging... hehe bunyi macam keep swimming keep swimming mcm dalam crita nemo tu..
    hehe tq so much for droppin' by tanya khabar.. im not feelin well lately.. tengah morning sickness sebenarnya.. :) rindu nak berblog n rindu nak blogwalking sangat2.. will update soon ok dear.. :) miss reading yr blog too.. really!

  5. Lady,
    At least I hear a good news from you... congratulations and take care ... hmmm ikut jejak langkah fatenton jugak yea...happy for both of you...

    Wong Lanang..
    Alamak kantoi.. cake tu sebenarnya you yang sponsor indirectly

  6. happy besdat dotted line :) long life and more stories sharing :D

  7. Ermayum, thanks. more to learn more to share...


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