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Monday, March 21, 2011

Small Town Journey - Bukit Pasir, Johor

I haven't got much chance to explore this town called Bukit Pasir. Located in between Pagoh and Muar... what bring us here... Actually we are on our back from Singapore..then enche hubby suggested we drop by Pagoh for durian.. Durian?? what durian are you talking about? enche hubby said : Musang King.. at that time, me was the one driving... right away taking Pagoh exit heading towards the suspect location.. The exact town known as Bukit Pasir.
Along the rows of shophouses here, there's a shop selling fruits. Kedai buah-buahan KAH HUAT (Jambu) hmm our favourite durian species is available here.
Look at those names of available durians... none which I'm looking for... then terus tanya tauke kedai..
Me : Musang King ada ka tauke?
Tauke : Saya ingat ada lah tinggal 1 atau 2 bji saja
Me : Aikk, apasal banyak sikit?
Tauke : Tadi itu orang Singapore baru angkat 40 biji.
Me : Okaylah kasi angkat itu 1 biji.. berapa sekilo?
Tauke: Lu punya pasal RM28 la..
Me : Murah sikit la taukeh..
Tauke : Sudah manyak murah lor..
Mine was 1.3 kg and have only 10 pulps inside..RM36
"The Musang King durians (aka Durian Kunyit in Malay, Cat Mountain King in Mandarin and Mao Shan Won in Cantonese) hit the news in early July 2010 when Macau’s Casino King Stanley Ho sent his jet to Singapore to buy this cultivar of Malaysian durians. Durian kunyit is believed to have originated from Gua Musang in the Malaysian state of Kelantan. Its yellowish flesh resembles kunyit ( Malay word for turmeric)."

The quality is consistent and you cannot find fault from one pulp to the other.”
(facts googled)

Terus hati ai berkata-kata.. jangan-jangan orang Singapore hari tu si Stanley Ho tu... Anyway look at the flesh of Raja Kunyit.. can't resist the rich yellowish colour. Dry at the outer but creamy inside...the taste is just balance of sweet, creamy and a bit of bitter which do not over rule one another.. 
I have learnt to recognised the Musang King physically... Normally it slightly oval in shape and the thorn at the bottom is flattened which you can see 5 lines across each "pangsa" look like starfish... Easily crack husks and it has flat seed.. That means you got to enjoy each pulp to the last bite...
Tips: If you think of tasting any other type of durians, you better start with that one first, then take the Musang King last.. if not you'll taste nothing of other type and you simply cannot close your durian taste... Musang King should always be the last one... For me I will only choose Musang King as my first, 2nd, 3rd...and last...if it's available. Can't wait for May to come...can go visit Balik Pulau for the Raja Kunyit.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh terliur tgk doyaan.huwaaaa haruss carikk ni sok.yat antu doyan..

  2. Samalah kite...cubalah Yat rasa species ni...confirm tak nak dah makan yang lain-lain...

  3. Ms Dots...masa preggy ngan Zarif last yr, I giler mkn musang king!!! very the BEST..bought 3 bijik at bentong..bila balik sini, cari2 x sama mcm yg kat bentong!! X sabar next season!!

  4. Zatil, memang betul kata you..nama jer Musang King tapi rasa lain-lain..depend on kat mana dia tanam (jenis tanah).. asalnya memang dari Gua Musang.. tapi my favourite is still from Balik Pulau..sebab dia tanam kat tanah bukit tepi laut...perfect


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