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Friday, March 4, 2011

Lala Spicy Sweet and Sour

Sunday is always be my cooking day especially when Saturday was fully occupied with outdoor activities...
Simple dish for a Santai weekend...

Lala Spicy Sweet & Sour
500gm Fresh Lala
Finely chopped garlic
12 bruised chilli padi
Tomato Sauce
1tbsp Oyster Sauce
Fish Sauce
 Salt to taste & Oil
Coriander Leaf
 and don't forget the magic ingredient
a pinch of love
 Preparation time : 10-15 minutes
This is all time favourite dish for my kiddos
very easy and quick recipe..
and I cooked this Umbut Kelapa Masak Lemak Putih..
I knew that the combination is not matched but
I can't think of other dish to cook for this Umbut
and end up
I'm the only one who ate this.. no one else
nobody else interested with this except me
hmmm heaven... the taste of the fresh umbut is so sweeeeet.
and last dish for my last weekend
Thai Steam for Ikan Pecah Periuk 
don't rub your eyes..
I'm not lying.. the name of the fish is Ikan Pecah Periuk
me first time heard of it..
okay the focus is not on the dish but rather to share with you about the fish
It's a type of big fish
The skin is black (something like Jenahak)
Surprisingly... the flesh of the fish is very white and clean
The texture is fine
and taste nice..
hmmm not bad.. not bad at all


  1. Wow, sedap nyer, rajin u masak

  2. Shark,
    masak simple2 je.. i enjoy cooking especially during weekend..

  3. u jarang letak recipe tapi sekali letak, meleleh i tengok.. semua sedap2 and kena dengan selera i..
    lala sedap, umbut sedap, pecah periuk sedap.. umbut tu last makan masa sekolah rendah dulu rasanya.. susah nak cari kan.. ikan pecah periuk tu isi lembut kan..

    as i read the ingredients, tetiba sampai kat a pinch of love tu i tersenyum.. i strongly agree with u dear.. :)

  4. Lady,
    ikan pecah periuk tu huduh rupanya.. hitam.. tapi bila dah masak.. isi dia putih..
    First I masak steam, then tempoyak and lastly asam pedas... puas hati


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