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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Genting Highlands Amazing Hunt apa yang best ni... cer citer cer citer.... The Amazing Walk Hunt is back... this time the hunt comes with the adventures and tasks... a bit about this hunt
Held on : Saturday, 26 February 2011
Final destination : Genting Highlands Theme Park
Organizer : Kelab PROTON
CoC : Sifu Izhar
 Theme : Walk Hunt plus adventures and tasks
2 person per team
4 treasures
2 set general hunt question (peribahasa & wordplay)
20 questions for walk hunt
1 game
2 adventures
1 task
1 wordplay
(This is really a comco of everything - multitasking)
Dalam skypark pun sibuk jawab soalan
One of the adventure
and after completing each task now came the most awaiting part
revealing the answers
hmm what have we got
me and enche ib(TOP UP) got the 7th place with 117 marks
next is
Man and Hashim (THUMB UP) winning 5th place with 119 marks
and announcing our 2nd place winner
Faz and Gee (LOOK UP) with 121 marks
Together we fight, divided we fall..sharing the glorious moment ... 
harta rampasan lanun-lanun finance
haruslah celebrate bersama-sama..
our total collections
 after allocating to each member
we have a surplus of few bucks and
decided to treat ourself with the best sip from
Starbuck @ Genting gitu..
a drink of own choice for everyone
sempat gak layanzzzz 2  game outdoor...

 ehh ehh
dah sampai London?? kelasss gitu
To all team member
keep up the good work
really having a great fun and moments with all of you which time and money can't buy 


  1. bestnya acara.. meriah gitu.. yg first pic tu naik cable car ke?

  2. memang best babe.. dapat release tension.. u are right.. the first pic tu dlm cable car.. tapi tak sempat nak menikmati pemandangan sebab sibuk jawab soalan hunt.


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