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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Uncles Meet Again in Singapore

I am so excited to write this post.. A bit of history... the last time I came to Singapore was in 2009.. celebrating enche hubby's birthday.. I arranged a surprise for him.. it was a 1 day trip .. we took the earliest morning flight and came back on the same day after one whole day sightseeing in Singapore..

After almost one and a half year, we're here again in Singapore. This time, not just the two of us... but with the rest of our friends.. This is the first time Uncles Meet Again go abroad..Because not all of us have passport, we have no choice but to leave our kids in JB.  After having dinner and fun in Danga Bay, we send the kids back to hotel. We entered Singapore at about 10.30pm. Good time for beginner. Less traffic and less toll during that time. To many of us, it was our first time entering Singapore by car. All the rules and regulations are new to us.. Frankly, I had some kind of inferior feeling entering Singapore that night.. Firstly, we have to obtain the Autopass.. since Singapore is very efficient, the process of getting one went smoothly. It costs us SGD10 to register each vehicle.
p/s : WARNING ! don't ever try to take photo in Singapore CIQ area. You can be caught.. baik punye kena sound dengan Immigration officer tu.. ada aku kesah?

But there's one unforgettable incident happened at the CIQ. The S'pore Imm. Officer (S.I.O) came out from his booth to match our faces with the passport.. calling each name and when it's my turn.. guess what..
Me : Shyly put up my hand
S.I.O : Look at the passport then look at me (2 times)
Me : Wink  ^%;XOV@$^!!
S.I.O : You loose weight.. yea
Me : I feel like asking him to repeat what he just said... smile till ears.. all night long.. hmm at least, somebody realise.. and immediately answered him.. Really??
Enche hubby and the rest of passengers : hmmm suke la tu.. 

Right..continue story in Singapore.. we were guided by Izwan's GPS. This damn thing really makes our life easier. One of the must have gadget nowadays... too sophistiacated until we forget how to read paper map..  Because it was Chinese New Year Eve, most of the shops closed. We went right away to Hard Rock, Singapore. Biasala.. Hard Rock memang tempat wajib yang akan dikunjung by most Malaysian traveller. Bought a tee for myself..

We went to HTC again the next day..
Then our next destination would be Mustafa Centre (Opened 24 hours). You can find everything here. Spent almost 2 hours here.
Back to JB at 4.00am

Semalam punya trip to Singapore macam tak cukup haul. So semua geng sepakat untuk re enter Singapore. Alasannya semalam tak dapat tengok Singapore waktu siang. So, our first destination is Merlion Park.. and on our way there, we saw the latest Singapore Icon which I don't even know the name... so let's just layanzz the peektures peepos.

Uncles Meet Again in Singapore
from day
till night in Singapore
Bit of Historical Facts about Statue of Merlion
(extracted from the Park)
The Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion's head and the body of a fish. The lion head symbolises the "Lion City". According to the Sejarah Melayu written in the 15th century, Prince Sang Nila Utama of the Srivijaya Empire renamed the island Singapura or "Lion City" after spotting a lion here. The body of a fish symbolises the ancient Temasek or "Sea Town", which was Singapore's early name. 
La ni apa case pulak ni...
Then, we moved on to Orchard Road..
Lucky Plaza, famous for selling perfume cheaper than retail price
Dah tak de keja...


  1. wah olyn.. baca posting nih tetiba nak cari flight ticket to singapore..cantik2 jugak view dia walaupun just a small island.. tak pernah sampai lagi walaupun jiran punya dekat ngan malaysia..

  2. hehe i just love the camera trick dekat merlion statue tu, cool babe hehe.. and the new icon tu i pernah baca somewhere tapi lupa pulak nama dia hehe,memang cantik betul ye..
    i tak pernah round singapore lagi,pernah sampai dekat epot jer, hope ada rezeki nak ke sana one fine day..

  3. Yus,
    Singapore memang best kalau for sightseeing.. tapi bab shopping & makan.. kitorang belum explore lagi.. cepat gi booking flight. Yg peliknya.. walaupun Singapore tu jiran kita.. tapi rasa cam negeri dia sejuk sikit.. ala-ala cam kat oversea gitu.

    hubby i kata.. new icon tu hotel.. and yang macam kapal tu..the first water theme park in the sky and highest in the world.. kalau nak lagi romantik u kena naik Singapore Flyer.. yang ala-ala Eye on Malacca tu.

  4. opps lady, pembetulan.. highest swimming pool not water theme park.. sesuai untuk you yang suka swim..


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