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Monday, February 21, 2011

Isha New Collection of Books

It's been nearly 2 months since Isha went to school. How time flies.. I still remember how she act in her first day of school.. crying like she's been beaten and crying everytime her transporter fetched her...deep inside her, I knew that she wanted to go to school very badly and on the other hand she felt unsecured to be left alone with no familiar faces around her.. I didn't blame her..she just going to be 4 this coming June...

When I thought of it, especially when she knocked our door every night telling us her cute excuses why she don't have to be in school the next day.. really makes me smile...and I almost give up seeing her in such depressed mood. We keep praising her and try to convince her that school is such a great place for kids like her and alhamdulillah it works..  While we are still finding ways to make her likes her school and without realising a week after, the whole sad,crying and denying mode had transformed to be the other way round.. She became very excited to go to school and I can see happiness in her face.. The joyful Isha is back... she will share with us what she learn in school without me asking  her. .. and she's very hardworking too...
A bit of encouragement for Isha, I thought it's a good idea to treat her with some interesting activity books... Nothing serious.. just some introduction on developing her colouring skill and an introduction to letters (A,B,C..etc)..
Bought 3 books for her
1. DORA the explorer colouring book from NICKLEODEON
2. Let's learn UPPERCASE letters from Scholastic
3. KUMON my book of COLOURING
Do not disturb!!!
Isha is at work..
and Guess what ??
she finished doing her KUMON workbook in just 3 days with MAMA's minimal guidance...
don't get me pressure
She's doing it at her own will
and all Mama can say is
Well done girl..keep up the good work
Mama is more than happy to see you happy dear
Smiling Isha with her Idol DORA

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