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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Steam River Patin Fish with Superior Soy Sauce

Hmm.... macam dah lama dapur ai tak berasap.. bukan tak berasap.. cuma nothing special to be shared...
Sometime... minda boleh jam fikir apa nak masak... so sempena Chinese New Year hari tu, haruslah ai menyesuaikan menu dengan mood Chinese New Year celebration.... okay dah dapat idea... after going through the Chinese Set menu served masa dinner ari tu... I think I want to try Steam Fish.. I just love Chinese Food.. simple in terms of ingredients but very technical when comes to the cooking part... full of cooking art..
As usual, based on eat once and try yourself concept, this could be the possible guessing ingredients
Steam RiverPatin Fish with Superior Sauce
Steam River Patin Fish
Chopped garlic
Sliced ginger
Superior Soy Sauce
Fish Sauce
A bit of sugar to caramalised the sauce and add balance to the taste
No salt needed because the Soy and Fish sauce is salty enough for the dish
White Pepper
Drop of lime juice
Preferably coriander leaf for garnish
may use spring onion to substitute
and lastly don't forget to add
a drop of love
So, this is the look of the original dish from Doubletree Kitchen

and this is my version of
Steam River Patin Fish with Superior Soy Sauce

But I think, I prefer Patin masak tempoyak... that would be my top list for Patin Fish.. second, Patin masak tauchu... I must learn from Kak Aya for these dishes.. authentic Pahang dish.

okay chaou dulu.. dah dekat nak ke dapur masak untuk lunch.. masak apa yek?? Sambal tumis udang dengan petai, ayam goreng and kobis masak lemak putih??? okay kut...

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