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Monday, February 7, 2011

Uncles Meet Again in Johor

Hello... anybody home...well.. well.. long time no see.. no write.. no speak... still alive and am just back from CNY break. So many things to be shared.. don't know where shall I begin... worried that the excitement will outshadowed the real moments... hmmm taking a deep breathe... and here we are... Finally Uncles Meet Again in JB. Uncles Meet Again is just a nickname for us group of friends who happened to be in the same school, sincere in friendship, loves meeting, eating and travel with family using walkie-talkie. 
With this walkie talkie we have travelled to
2006 - Sg Petani, Kedah (without walkie talkie)
2007 - Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bahru and Cameron Highlands
2008 - Gopeng, Batu Gajah, Ipoh, Taiping and Sungai Besar
2009 - Kuala Kangsar, Pengkalan Hulu, Perlis, Wang Kelian, Pulau Langkawi and Penang.
2010 - No trip
for 2011
Our original plan to meet in JB was supposed to be last December. But due to unavoidable circumstances and weather conditions, we defer our plan to don't know when. All of a sudden, after considering the long CNY break, we decided to realise our plan to JB... Unexpectedly Uncles Meet Again has crossed over the causeway to Singapore.. not once but twice. Despite of flood which affected part of Johor, we decided to proceed our journey... I'll share the Singapore experience in my next post... be patient okay

We spent a night in Ilham Resort, PD. The idea was to gather the whole troop so that we may depart early on the very next day.. and actually most of us can't wait to go for the trip. Since it was a public holiday on the 1st Feb for those who works in KL and Putrajaya so most of them were there except for me who was still working... phisically I am working but my mind wasn't synchronise with my body...
(Warning : lots of pictures in this post ... read at your own risk..for those who can't take it, just click X on the right to close this tab)
okay...cer citer.. cer citer.. apanya yang menarik sangat ni??? hmm..takde kena mengena...

On that very special night, we had a special celebration for our friend Dee and Izwan celebrating their 8th Anniversary of a happy marriage.... simple but a thoughtful memories for them both...We had cakes (sponsored by Dee and Izwan) as a symbol of love . hmmm so sweeeeetttt.
Our main objective for this trip is makan.. makan... and makan... actually by end of our trip, I'm sick of dining out... 4 days was the ultimate... can't take it anymore.. tired to think of what to eat and what to order.. waiting for the food is the most boring part. I can tell you that cooking at home is much easier for me... Well once in a while is okay... we brought a long list of famous and popular eating spots. Will share our JJCM experience in my next post...

Alhamdulillah, the weather is fine all along the journey.. From PD, we drove to Muar for breakfast...then continue our way to Johor Bahru via Batu Pahat. Drop by Parit Raja to buy some "kerepek"...
After lunch, checked in at M Suites, JB.

Kids had great time splashing in the pool.

Then after maghrib prayer we went out for dinner.. this time, we went to Larkin to look for best Kacang Pool in town.

Since, we have a bigger plan for the night, our next destination would be Danga Bay.. special place to treat the kids.. there's small fun fair and lots of exciting rides to go on board...
Right after that, we send the kids back to Hotel.. time to rest... for us, we crossed over causeway to enter Singapore...
8.00 am : Breakfast
10.00 am : Checked out
10.30 am : Went to Nike Factory Outlet in Taman U
1.00 pm : Lunch
2.30 pm : Checked in Goodies Guesthouse

Goodies Guest  house is very special. Basic needs for traveller were made available. It's a take and pay concept.. they have free WIFI..
8.00 am : Checked out from Goodies Guesthouse
8.30 am : Breakfast @ Restoran Aliff
9.00 am : Drive to Tanjung Piai via Kukup town

We plan to have our lunch in Batu Pahat...pass by Pontian Kechil town. On the way there, drop by Kuala @ Rengit for the famous second hand selling items from Singapore. Since we're short of time, we plan to revisit this place...
Our last destination for this trip was lunch at Pokok Sena @ Batu Pahat for their famous Baryani and Asam Pedas. The Uncles Meet Again adjourned our trip at BP.. but some of us proceed to Parit Raja to buy the famous Otak-Otak and drop by Tangkak....
So far, this is the best trip we had and we plan for something big for the kids end of this year. Perhaps , going to Singapore again... with USS package... 


  1. bestnya, meriah.. i sangat tak berani naik apa2 rides, sekali jer naik kereta langgar2 tu, pucat gile muka masa tu hehe

  2. I kalau roller coaster ride berani gak.. but not drop down type of ride...afraid of heights


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