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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Selangor Shine Treasure Hunt - Part 2

The second part of the hunt is more adventurous, with more cultural activities and challenging tasks to be done. We started off with mencanting batik and layang-layang craft. 
Then we were loaded into lorries to a place for menggagau ikan. The pond is very muddy and they have to catch as many catfish using the sack provided within 10 minutes. The fish will be weigh for points. It's not easy and my hubby got leg cramp in the mud.
On your mark.. get set go...
My team manage to catch 2 fish with 300grams and Fazly's team got 3 fish with the total of 400grams... good job guys
Again.. we're loaded back to the lorries...oh no.. where's my human rights???
For dinner we were served with traditional Javanese Nasi Ambeng where everybody eats together in 1 dulang. They serve white rice, ayam masak kicap, mee goreng, serunding, rempeyek and masak tumis.. I am used to this tradition as my hubby is from Javanese clan...
After dinner, the kuda kepang show's kind of boring.. and we can't concentrate as we are too anxious to know the hunt result ....
and when the result were announced.....ta dahh... surprisingly.. our team won the first prize.. Congratulations to both teams.... to me winning is not important but the moment we go through and the memories will make our friendship last forever....
This is a good kick start for the real battle to Sg Petani 1 PROTON Mystery Drive.


  1. congratulation.. good training for your next threasure hunt.. pro driver also important maa.. he he

  2. extra tips - cool, relax, jgn gaduh :)

  3. thank you.. strongly agree with the tips.. if I can add think fast , talk slow..


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