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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hurray celebration for Darin..

To celebrate Darin's victory, me and hubby decided to bring the whole family to eat Johnny's steamboat in Alamanda, Putrajaya. On the way to Alamanda, dropped by in front of the Palace of Justice to snap some photo.

Darin, Dzarif, Daini, Danisha and Dzafrel
The Jumping Shot
"When mama count to three... everybody jump..."
Dzafrel and Baba
Arrived Alamanda at around 6.15 pm. All tables were fully occupied. yupps it's  Mother's day.. so lot's of big family gathering ...we have to wait to be seated. Hubby almost give up, but kids insisted to wait. This is all time favourite dining for the kids.. they love the soup and everything about steamboat. One thing I like about steamboat is the eating together part that makes me feels so closed with my family.
Darin pose for her facebook profile photo
The boiling soup ...
Taste so yummy when eat with the sauce

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