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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kids Clarks Shoes

To some people, it's still early to think of Hari Raya.. but for me who have 5 kids, I'm surely need to plan far ahead. So my mom went to Vietnam recently. I asked her favour to buy shoes for the kids. She managed to buy for Isha, Dzafrel & Daini... Luckily the sizes fit them all... the price is 60% less than what we pay in Malaysia. Thanks Ma....I did not plan to buy for Darin and Fiqri.. coz they have already something in mind. Darin wanted a Converse shoes...dah besar la katakan.. nak pilih sendiri...
This is Daini's.. she loves it coz it looks sporty yet feminine
This one is for Isha, she wore them in the house all day long for 2 days... manage to sneak out the shoes and kept in my closet..
Last but not least, this is for Dazfrel. The G cuts fit his feet yang agak dompok... very comfy ..
So the three little feet has already got something to wear for Hari Raya....what a relief..

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