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Monday, May 17, 2010

Selangor Shine Treasure Hunt - Part 1

It was a last minute plan. A friend of us offered us to participate in Selangor Shine Treasure Hunt. We manage to form 2 teams (memang bidan terjun). The destination for this hunt is Sg Hj Dorani Homestay and the main objective of this hunt is to promote Selangor Tourism. This event was organized by MBSA and Selangor Tourism. About 50 cars participated and the hunt took about 4 hours to end. We flagged off at Dataran Kemerdekaan , Shah Alam at about 8.00am and end at about 12.30pm. It was a tiring hunt b'coz we need to complete 3 tasks during the journey , find 5 treasures and answer 20 questions .... Everybody cooperated very well and we had so much fun.
Me and the goodie bag... Pegang no pun terbalik...
We don't have much time to plan for the answer. I can say, there are so many things to be done in a very short time. While figuring out the answer, we have to read tulips to identify the location for the answers.
On your mark.. get set ... GGGOOOOO!!!!
We nearly missed the boat. We reached the final destination just a few minutes before the end time.
Kesian nya tengok my hubby @ driver for my team terlena after long tiring journey..zzzzzzzzz
We were welcomed by the penduduk setempat dengan paluan kompang and bunga manggar. So the lunch was served and we really need a carbo loading as we have burnt more than what we should during the hunt. So, everything served on the table cleared within second.
We had a break for Solat Zohor and to be continued with more adventurous activities in the afternoon. 

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