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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day

It has been a tradition for a sudent to show their respect and love to their teacher on tacher's day which is celebrated on every 16th of May . This year, I only bought 1 pressie for each of my kid. Something useful and nice to see... It's a special notebook that the teacher can carry in their handabg. Covered with nice printed floral fabric and matched with beige colour fine paper... Very feminine....
So everybody wrote something on the notebook before mama wrapped them.
But this time I found the special wrapper for teacher's day and the kids just love it ... The wishes on the wrapper will surely make the teacher smiling all day.
Fiqri love the wrapper so much because he got the big red love right in the centre of the pressie..... Darin couldn't be bother to involve with the wrapping because she has something important to practice. She is performing for the teacher's day tomorrow. Lot more to catch up with the songs and dance step....Good luck to you Darin....

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