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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

University of East London Alumni Reunion Dinner

I thought I couldn't make it to this dinner... landed from Saigon at about 7.00pm and I have to rush to Shangri la Hotel for my University Reunion Dinner.... I almost miss the boat.... change my cloth in a car.. and despite of feeling a bit underdress I try to turned up and be there... that's the least I can do...

I don't have the appetite to eat... just taste a bit of here and there and for the rest of next 1 hour.. taking some photos with the people who flew all the way from London for this dinner and had a quick chat with some friends I knew... the rest are all unfamiliar faces whom I just say hi and bye... too bad of me...

It's actually the official launch of alumni office in KL.... so I don't think I want to write more....


  1. Olin..sapa lagi member yang aku kenal ada datang? Yang nampak Wan dan orang Singapore (Akhyar) jauh datang tu beb..
    >>>shahrim ahmad

  2. Ayem,
    Yanh aku sempat jumpa Fairus & wife, Zakaria (ex housemate ko) & Hayat... yang lain semua batch junior tapi senior kita (pening la tu)


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