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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Housekeeping & recycling...

What a mess...
I haven't got much time to rearrange my things
and I wasted lots of time looking for something to wear...
especially when I am in a hurry...
I will dig and dump everything on my bed..
So I thought, with the little precious time I have...
I'd better do spring cleaning...
phhhhewwww... that was it..
housekeeping is very tiring
but when everything in place...
that's the ultimate...
self satisfaction to to the max.
though it may not be perfect to others
but at least for me
"sedap sikit mata memandang.. idok le teruk bebenor"

after letting go few most of unwanted/unused things
 I felt I just need a quick shopping to fill in between my antique closet.

if I can list all my wishlist..
- few tops for working attire
- 3 ready made simple cotton baju kurung from Bahari Asyek
- few Ariani printed tudungs
- hmm another watch to my collection..

On a second thought I think I can still manage whatever I have
I got a deal...
For my tudung.. I sent for alteration (to shorten those long one with nice design which
I hardly wear and change the disorder awnings)
I paid RM105 for 16 pcs of tudung
see how much have I save
With the same amount I can only buy 2 and a half pieces of tudung (during sale)
and 1 piece for normal price...

Thinking of watches...
I think it's a  big no no for me
I think I have more than enough
(tapi dah hint kat enche hubby satu jam DKNY or FCUK).. may be last kut..
lagipun I still got spare space in this box
but for now, I think I need to give a new look to some of my watches
For this 25 years PROTON gift... it look so masculine to me
everybody (male & female) got the same watch..
This is what we got..
and I chose this shocking pink leather strap
to make my watch look more feminine...
and for this gift from my colleagues
since my wrist is very small.. I need to adjust the length of the bracelet
but problem is the bracelet is still loose after maximum adjustment has been done...
I have no choice except to
change to this baby pink strap
and I changed my Esprit watch strap to a new one.. but with the same dark brown colour.
I am more than happy to wear them now...
Spent less than RM110 and
Simply adding colours to my box..
see.. I told you.. recycling can be fun...


  1. FCUK tu anagram ke?.. if yes,than OOOOKKKKK lor

  2. Hellooo WL...
    please think straight okay. FCUK stands for french connection, UK. Definitely not an anagram as what you thought... LOL

  3. Ermayum,
    Yang I beli sendiri sebahagian.. selebihnya orang bagi... sbb dah tau memang giler jam...


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