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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post it Notes

Well... taking 3 weeks leave won't give me as much time as I need...
There are many things that keep me busy all day
and considering that I have
- no TV for the whole week (I don't need this at all)
- no nap during the day
- but in between I'm blogging and fb 'ing
But still I am fully occupied
I think I surrender my post as full time housewife for the past 3 weeks
and put a 24 hours notice
back to work at office next coming Monday....
Look at this...
Though it's not in particular order
and only me can understand the thing
but at least something workable which I use to remind me of
things to be done
where to go
what to buy
etc.. etc..etc..
Perhaps this could get me away of someone's accusation
that I am the most forgetful person on earth
I didn't get offended by this
but rather take it positively and find ways to improvise
to me.. it's not that I'm forgetful
but there's so many things to remember..
and in between something do slips..
and remember I am doing this for free..
and I am happy with my voluntary role....
 Some of many tasks posted...
one could be challenging..
by JPJ
Interrogation for me...
Easy girl...
this is expected...
so attended the session, admiting my mistake
and pay the parking summon
Most important..
Problem solve..
You can never get away of problems by avoiding them...
Way to do it is just face it.. and swallow it
no matter how hard it is..
Allah is there...pray for his assistance to make things easier
 Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu'assir
Meaning : Ya Allah , kau permudahkanlah dan jangan kau susahkan...
I read this all the time..even when I want to find parking....
maybe at that time I forget...
there gone my RM100 for the summon..
but alhamdulillah my car was still there...


  1. i saw 'buy kelapa' there.. hehe sangat cute ok!

  2. da kenyang makan ayam penyet...

  3. Lady,
    I beli kelapa muda every week untuk buat jeli kelapa... I hantar kat kedai...he he takut lupa...

  4. I pon, 'buy kelapa' was very attracted..hehehe..
    I lurve jeli kelapa..tapi x tau nak the ones with less sugar..very refreshing..


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