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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nasi Goreng Kampung

I didn't know that I can cook such a nice Nasi Goreng... I've never tasted Nasi Goreng of my own that taste this nice.... biasa nya tak pernah menjadi...may be I am too hungry.. busy at home until forgot my lunch.. it almost 3pm..and just bang into my kitchen for this quick Nasi Goreng... late lunch...never mind... I'll share with you my lastest discovery... and hopefully it's going to work next time as well...

Nasi Goreng Kampung
(Ms Dots Version)

1 bowl of cold white rice
2 shallots
3 Chilli Padi
1 biji Telur Goreng
Ikan Bilis Goreng (Crushed)
Light Soya Sauce
Cooking Oil

Panaskan minyak
Tumis bahan-bahan tumbuk
Masukkan Nasi
Masukkan Telur goreng dan Ikan bilis goreng
Tambah kicap soya cair
and don't forget a pinch of love as a substitute to salt..
That's it

No lumpy, not oily, balance of spicy and salty.. perfect.... 
and in less than 3 minutes...everything cleared..


  1. Niz, cili tu hiasan jer... nape? kecur eekkk...

  2. sedap la.. nampak mcm gemuk je cili tu.. favourite hasan tuh..


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