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Friday, November 5, 2010

Song Box with Kids

From left : Daini, Fiqri Darin and Isna (my niece)

Last weekend, my SIL and family came over from Batu Pahat.... me suggested we went to Karaoke @ Song Box, Jusco AU2. The place is considered quite so so for family karaoke.. we booked 2 rooms , 1 for the adults and another one for the kids... RM24 per hour per room.. We spent 2 hours there...

Frankly, I'm not born to sing... out of tune, tone deaf..just say it.. I am more than ready to admit it... but that is not the point.. it doesn't matter so long as I can held out all the tense lock up in my body, brain and soul..... I don't care much... just get the mic and sing in my own way..... enche hubby can sing quite well..... so most of the time, when we sang duet songs... he did the cover up for me... Fiqri my son yang mewarisi bakat enche hubby.

Of course, the kids enjoy the karaoke session.... but the songs genre for the millenium born is very much difference from our songs.... the kids can't figure out why I like to sing these songs like :
Zaiton Sameon - Menaruh Harapan
Khatijah Ibrahim & Ramli Sarip - Doa Buat Kekasih
Ruth Sahanaya - Kau Segalanya (You're Everything - English version)
Natalie Cole - I miss you like crazy
Rossa - Ayat-Ayat Cinta

Hmm macam ada plan nak gi layan malam ni..... enche hubby pun dah mula perasan .. that I'm now addicted... tak padan ngan suara sumbang ke laut.. he he

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