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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Samsung EX1 - Engineered for Pro

Last weekend, we went to Sunway Pyramid with no purpose... just plan to get some cut fruits and that's all... Normally, enche hubby will go to other shops around if I got stucked for more than 20 minutes in one shop... biasalah ladies loves window shopping, try this and that and end up not buying a thing.... then few minutes later, I got a call from him asking me to go to this photo shop.... he said there's something interesting for me... so meet him up at that shop and the salesperson explained to me on this one camera... he don't have to do much talking because I like it right away.... but I don't want to put so much hope on this... so here goes our conversation (edited to cut it short)...

enche hubby : so, what you think?
me : okay... apa beza ni ngan G11 or G12 yang baru keluar tu?
enche hubby : yang ni lagi best.. ni dia pakai lens Schneider and F1.8... lens ni antara lens yang best and biasanya lens ni kena beli asing and harga dia sangat-sangat mahal...
salesperson : G12 features dia quite complicated.. this one , very easy to use.. I strongly recommend you take this...
me : tapi ni Samsung... okay ke?
salesperson : if you're looking for semi-pro camera range.. memang dia okay... bacause most of other top brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony now focusing on DSLR camera...
me : so all in berapa??
salesperson : for today.. we got promotion .. RM1, +++ you akan dapat extra battery, 8GB memory card and voucher..
me : okay.. nanti we all pikir dulu and datang balik...

Outside the shop, enche hubby terus tanya kat I..

enche hubby : nak ke? kalau nak I boleh bayarkan RM1,+++.00.
me : so, camera Olympus tu camner? dah lama hantar repair tapi tak okay lagi...
enche hubby : better kita pergi Subang Parade and tanya status camera tu macam mana.. kalau still tak okay, then kita beli je camera ni kat sana...
me : okay....

So, we went to this shop @ Subang Parade.
So again, before we made the final decision... browse through dulu camera yang lain... actually I have made my decision already.. and I think my decision was firm....
After 5 months without camera.... finally I got this.... it's worth waiting and I'm so happy... what more can I say? it's officially mine...
Samsung EX1
Engineered for pros
" Whether or not you're looking to go pro, you're going to look like a pro with the Samsung EX1"
Main features :
Ultra Wide focal length of  24mm F1.8 Schneider KREUZNACH lens with 3X zoom turn heads + OIS [Barrel : NEW]
(Zoom is quite limited for this camera)
10M High performance 1/1.7" CCD sensor (best possible photos in the darkest conditions)
3" swiveling VGA AMOLED screen
Dual Image Stabilisation (Optical : 3 stop + Digital IS)
Front Wheel Key and Dual Dial
Full Manual Mode (A/S/M) - WB fine-tuning
Colour temperature
Smart Filter (Miniature Filter, Vignetting Filter and Fish-Eye Filter)

Check this out for full details on this superb gadgets Samsung EX1
Picture (googled)
come with this purchase :
SteinZeiser high quality camera bag
8 GB memory card
Extra battery
what more can I say... Alhamdullilah and special thanks to enche hubby for making this happened.... blogging is much easier and meaningful now....
now this thing will be my must bring gadget every day
p/s : for this EX1 camera with Schneider lens and SteinZeiser bag.. I have to forgo my Shenzhen, China trip... hu hu


  1. wowww... bestnya... that was a good buy... tahniah tahniah hehe... i bukan boleh tengok, teringin jugak ni... hehe

  2. waaaaaaaah nampak menarek ahh kak lin,function macam SLR gak eh?

  3. Lady.. rasa nya memang berbaloi beli camera ni.... cuma zoom dia agak limited.. recommended to buy..

    Yat, EX1 ni tak la secanggih dslr..sebab dia range semi pro.. tapi function dia semua cukup.. setakat ni sgt2 puas hati ngan kualiti gambar...


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