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Friday, November 19, 2010

Chilled cheesecake.. All time favourite

Chilled cheesecake
Ingredients :
250gm KRAFT Philladelphia Cream Cheese
1 pack of Nona Kristal Jelly (Orange Flavour)
1 Fresh Lemon (Grated Skin and extract 2 tspb juice)
70 gm butter (melt)
1 pack of Original Digestive Biscuit (blend)  
1 can of sliced peaches
2 tsbp cornflour (Mixed with plain water)
Methods :
Step 1 : Pour melted butter to crushed biscuit... then pressed evenly into a serving dish of about 6" inches wide x 10" inches long... then put it a side.. 
Step 2 : Beat the cream cheese until creamy,
Step 3 : Then pour in jelly which has been dissolved with hot water into the batter.
Step 4 : Pour in the lemon juice and grated lemon skin, mix well
Step 5 : Pour in the mixture on the biscuit layer..
Step 6 : Split the peaches and the syrup
Step 7 : Arrange the sliced peaches and put aside
Step 8 : Heat teh syrup till boil. Pour in the cornflour to thicken the syrup
 Step 9 : Glazed the cheesecake with the thicken syrup
 Step 10 : Chilled the cheesecake in the refrigerator
Ready to eat....


  1. yes... resepi yg ditunggu2 dah kuar... hehe

  2. Ni sebab dah janji ngan rin.. dia dah beli bahan. very easy.. selamat mencuba

  3. heheh.. kene pakse.. dah try tp rasenye terbyk jelly la k.lin.. jadi cair.. jadi cam agar2 dah.. bukan cheese cake.. hehe

  4. lupa nak pesan, sori.. masa bancuh jeli tu air sikit jer.. kalau terlebih tu yg jadi lembik.. its ok.. boleh cuba lagi..


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