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Friday, November 19, 2010

Car Service

I was here(dare not to mentioned due to sensitivity) since 8.00 am to service my car... Though I have set my mind to stay patient while waiting for my car to get serviced.... I'm started to get bored already... it was almost 4 hours I am here.. I think I have exceeded the normal human patient limit...
Okay, no doubt the waiting area is very comfortable but I am still bored to the limit.. I have almost enjoyed every facilities they have
Complementary refreshments : I had 2 cups of 3 in 1 IndoCafe CoffeeMix already
Free WIFI : It's driving me crazy.. so slow like a snail... plus my hard disk USB cable has gone nuts.. It took me 4 hrs to complete a post...
Ladies - Gone and going for my next visit..
Ice-cream - Bought Moo (Walls) Ice-cream
Tid Bits - Ate about 50gm of Maruku bought in Mid Valley yesterday.

What else should I try?
Rest and Go by Gintell
Go and listen to LOOKATOO GPS Navigator prmoter?
Read newspaper and magazine till I go zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hope my waiting going to end very very soon....I'd rather spend these valuables hours in nearby shopping mall.. should have decided earlier....

phewww, finally I got a call from them informing that my car is now ready for collection after 4hrs and 45minutes...


  1. hehe... lama tu.. mmg patut buat cam selalu je :)

  2. Tu la membazir cuti je.... nasib baik bila tengok bill berbaloi...sejuk sikit hati


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