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Monday, May 2, 2011

Oleo Aglio ... my style

Hi all... happy holiday... dah namanya holiday... tentulah bersantai kat rumah dengan family and of course mood memasak membuak-buak... tak tertahan lagi...

So, pagi-pagi dah ke pasar mencari stok untuk seminggu... and for today's menu ... haruslah something special... dalam kepala ni macam-macam benda nak buat... tapi bila ternampak je kupah terus muktamad untuk masak my favourite Oleo Aglio.... this is my favourite Italian dish... tak pernah try masak sendiri and today..... I must say that I should be compliment for this dish.... hmm... satisfaction... siap bagi kat jiran sebelah lagi....

I promised that I want this dish to be out of my kitchen one day.... and today is the day I make my wish come true... yes.. I don't have to worry where to get the best Oleo Aglio pasta in town anymore... I can get it right away from my kitchen.... happy tak terhingga... family semua kata sedap....

so sesiapa yang berminat nak mencuba....
Oleo Aglio Pasta
(from Dapur Magika Kak Lin)
Chicken breast
Chlli flake
Fresh Basil
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper
Parmesan Cheese
(may add capsicum, mushroom and tomato as you like)
 From left : Coarse black pepper, chlli flake, thyme and olive oil
 fresh basil, kupah, prawn, chicken breast & fettucine
and parmesan cheese
Boil the fettucine until soft and drained
Masak Kupah until the shell opened and juicy
Tumis garlic with olive olive oil
Add chicken breast and prawn
Add Kupah
Add fettucine
Add chilli flake, pepper, salt , pepper and thyme to taste
Add fresh basil
and don't forget
a pinch of love...
when serve.. give a drop of olive oil , chilli flake and cheese
make to perfection....

I simply do this in small portion for 3 times... just to get a consistent taste of each cooking... and make me remember them by heart so that the I will not forget how to do it the next time I intended to...
and this is the one I had in Eighteen Chef, Singapore
and this is from Dome
of all these.... in fact I've tried many more at many other places.... I think I prefer mine.... because
I like the fettucine to be soft
put plenty of cheese
put plenty of fresh basil
splash of olive oil

obviuosly, I know what I like more than anyone else do..... try it.. and you'll never regret it dear... have fun in cooking...

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