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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Riche Montana Salad Sandwich

The other day we went to Pavilion to get Snowflake.... but need to grab something quick to bite for lunch... found this yummy sandwich and I thought it's quite easy to try at home... just never thought of the combinations which give a real great taste... serve cold and it's chunky and creamy kind of  sandwich... quickly take away the  ingredient sticker and has it hands on before I forget the whole thing.....
Riche Montana Salad Sandwich
Potato (Boiled)
Apple (diced)
Crab stick
Egg (Boiled)
Wholemeal bread
Optional ingredients
Sliced of cherry tomatoes and zuchinni
Olive Oil
Mix everything together... tiny portion of each...
then spell some mom's love
and that's it
ready for the quick bite...

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