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Sunday, May 15, 2011

On a new move....

In 2 days time.... I'll be soft celebrating my 1 month birthday at my new working place... In less than a month... what have I got to learn, explore, venture, experience along the way... not in terms of work.. but casually talk about life....

I have learn to eat....
Snowflake (Taiwanese desserts)
Wholegrain Fibremeal Gardenia bread (Toast with blackerry jam spread)
My own cup of white coffee
Self made 1/2 boiled egg in the office (with soya sauce and pepper)
Bring my own spread for sandwiches
Nasi kandar Kudu
Little Penang
Walk to Maju Junctions for a cup of Starbuck
Visit Subway @ Tune Hotel once  or twice a week
Go to Jalan Bellamy for ikan bakar
Bought something from KL for my kids little mouth to eat (J Pops baby donut from JCo)

and mostly affected
learn to live without camera
Learn not to snap photos before, during and after eating though the food was terribly awesome to be captured.. as I don't want to be suspected to have a blog or seen as blogger...ssshhhhhh... let this be our little secret... hence.. that is the reason why I post a pictureless entry.....

On my driving...
I drive to Pavilion and back to office in 1 hour time
I drive faster than I used to... 25 minutes from Shah Alam-KL
Take STAR LRT during lunch to go to Jalan Tun Razak/Masjid Jamek
Learn new route to get a faster way home...
Forget totally paying toll by cash
Learn new skill of driving at sharp cornering ramp carpark...
Learn to be more patient if happen to caught in jam
Listen to radio for more than 1 and half hours a day...
Attentively listen to traffic updates
Avoid KL during weekends..

On other little things
Wear flat shoes
Have a pot of plant on my table
Learn to chat using IM
Leave without punchcard instead heavily used of ID card (in and out of the office, printing, toilet etc...)
Extremely cold office (Essentially need jacket and shawl to keep me warm)
Take an elevator to get in my office at 13th floor
Silence mode office (Extremely mute)
Have at least RM100 cash in all time

Everything seems new to me.... no worries... things changed.. but I'm still I am... just adjusting to fine tune to the new environment....I am putting myself as a sponge... absorbing while I can or just like and empty glass... open  wide to learn until spill off.... swallow all the bitter with sweet in the end..... go through the rains with the hope of rainbow to appear.... and too early to judge but... I'm getting use and started to love the new environment with a new friends around..... of course I missed those time more than I can bear... but let's keep it to myself and we'll catch up whenever we have the chance to....

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