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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hubby's small bufday celebration

Thanks to EOCM member
for the wonderful celebration of
Mr USOP 588's birthday....
and this year....
I felt so hopeless
I can't think of anything about his birthday...
No dinner
No getaway
No surprise
No gift
except a wish....
 what's wrong with me????
should I think of something
it's going to be belated though....
please help me with ideas...
really in need of help...
or maybe I should ask him direct.....


  1. Niz, syiok sangat keje sampai tak sempat nak plan benda cam gini.... habis idea tu mmg betul..may be must think of GA.. mungkin readers outhere dapat membantu

  2. bestnyer syok bekerja... dah lama tak rasa camtu :)


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