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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramadhan Day 5 and Happy Birthday Mama

15th August 2010
It's my mom's Birthday
Happy birthday MAMA
You are so special in every way
I love you more than anything else...

So we had a small gathering for Iftar on Sunday... My cousins , auntie's and uncles were all here... Actually, my mom only cooked few dishes.. then everybody start bringing in 1 type of dish.. Dah macam pot luck la pulak.. The food were plenty until there's no space on table... It's like Ramadhan Buffet in hotel. However I felt home cook is still the best.
Apart from these dates....
If I can remember the menu served were :
Gulai lemak ketam dan nenas
Gulai tempoyak udang dan rebung
Sambal tumis sotong
Sambal tumis udang dan petai
Bubur lambuk
Ikan terubuk bakar
Ayam goreng berempah
Sup daging
Ulam-Ulaman dan sambal belacan
Ikan masin
Variety of fruits and desserts
Bila cousins get together, memang terasa meriah nya... Lots of stories to share, lots of things to catch up and bundle of things for sale. 5 years back our kids mostly babies and toddlers or some were still inside their mom's womb. Now our kids age range mostly from 3-15 years old... the kids has grown up and suddenly I felt the space become so crowded... Any way it's good to be together...

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