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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ramadhan Day 14

Today, we had very simple menu for Iftar :

Chicken Rice with Stir Fry Vegetables.
Actually this is chicken + burung puyuh rice.
Lately, I've been buying this burung puyuh from my friend for RM2.80 per bird. Simply marinate the bird with ginger, garlic, tumeric powder and pinch of salt. Then I just fry them. Kids just love it..
Side dish - Rojak Karim
For kueh I just bought from my mom's neighbour who sell by the roadside of my mom's house and the taste is guranteed yummy. No doubt about it. I didn't stop by everyday because whenever I stop I tend to buy a lot..
Kueh for the day :
2 pcs Chicken Pie
2 pcs Kasui
2 pcs Tahu Sumbat (Good Combination to Chicken Rice)
1 pc Roti Jala berinti daging
2 pcs Curry Puff..

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