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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ramadhan Day 11, 12 & 13

Hmm.. for these days.. all my images went missing during transfer from my old phone memory card to the new memory card ... so I just describe the menu ...

Menu for Iftar Day 11
Today, my PIL came to our house... so we cook something special for today :
Gulai Lemak Siput Sedut (Chot-chot)
Pecal Sayur
Thai Steam Fish
Ikan Bakar ala Portugis
Ikan Pekasam

My BIL bought Rojak Singapore
Tepung Pelita

For Day 12, it's Sunday.. so me and family took this opportinity to do house cleaning.. The whole day we spent for cleaning the house and it's very tiring.. so enche hubby suggested we break our fast outside... So the kids suggested we ate Steamboat... we went to Johnny's for Iftar.

For Day 13, ai totally forget what I cook . The only thing I remember was that I bought Murtabak Pak Bakar. very special.. lots of mince beef and garing. It's not the same as the one we normally buy in Bazar Ramadhan or Mamak Stall... This is the kids choice for the day and guess what... it's not enough.. so I ordered the big one this coming Friday.

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