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Monday, August 2, 2010

Larian Bundle @ Tampin

Yesterday, on our way back from sending my SIL at Johor Matriculation, Tangkak, me and enche hubby has planned to drop by  at Larian Bundle , Tampin. Enche hubby wanted to bring me to this place months ago but asyik tak jadi je.. Memang tempat ni special. For those of you who like to go for branded goods but at a very affordable price.. this place has it all.

What I like about Larian Bundle :
1. Goods are selected.
2. A lot of genuine branded labels (Levi's, Stussy, Guess, Nike, Adidas etc.)
3. Look like new.
4. Cozy Shop
5. Friendly owner
6. Nicely displayed
7. Very very affordable price
8. Satisfaction guaranteed.
9. Spoiled of choices.
10. Strategic Location.

I did not planned to buy many coz I'm afraid I may ended wearing it once or twice or didn't wear it at all. When come to choosing t-shirt, most of the time I will look for the unique wordings printed on t-shirt. Another aim is to get things which are not available here. So here are some catch of the day....
So, alang alang dah sampai ke pekan Tampin ni, ai pun ambik kesempatan lah untuk meronda-ronda di sekitar town area dia. Unique nya pekan Tampin ni, the main road of the Tampin town which has a row of old shop houses were divided into two district and state. Half of the road is under the county of Alor Gajah, Melaka and the other half is belong to the Tampin District, Negeri Sembilan.
Photo taken below is the border of the two districts. My right leg is in Negeri Sembilan and my other step is on the state of Malacca.

Old building of Tampin town.
Sempat jugak enche hubby membeli kuih-muih dekat gerai sepanjang pekan Tampin.

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