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Monday, August 9, 2010

International Indirect Tax Forum 2010

I have attended so many conferences and forum through my years in working with PROTON. But this particular forum is special because this is the first forum I attended since I start blogging. So I shall post something on this forum. To create a post, you need an event to talk about and some photos.. This is the problem. I don't want to be seen as so obvious to take photos here and there coz most of the crowd are among the professionals...  so I just quickly snapped some shots using my camera phone.

Apart that I'm here because my company sent me as a representative I have few objectives to achieve :

1. Gain some knowledge
Tax is not something static. The legislation keep changing and you need to be adhere to the changes.  But, the learning process is different... It is normally held in a 5 star hotel with a 5 star facilities. Maybe, this could boost my absorption rate of what being thought. The main focus for this forum is to discuss on GST. Even though the date is still uncertain but the policy maker and  tax practitioners have actively involved in the study as well as the preparation for the implementation when the real GST comes in... some say 2011 or latest by 2012?? The organizer invited many speakers from countries outside Malaysia which has already in GST just to share with us on their real case experience.

2. Get new friends -
How?? Normally in this kind of seminar , the morning breakfast are served, then the 10.00 break, then the networking lunch... last is the tea break... I think this was meanly scheduled to gives us the opportunity to mingle around or change of business cards among the participants.. Perhaps for the business.. this is the great time to find new clients. Really by all means go ahead.. opportunity must be grabbed as an when possible... I am really nod prepared for this... imagine.. I did not carry my name card in my wallet or handbags.. My name card printed 5 years ago still keep in a thick stack... gosh 

That's the main objective... but other than that which is also important :
1. I got to wear my proper office attire or to be specific my 3 pcs suit. Me don't wear this to office coz, we have uniform which we wear from Monday-Thursday and on Friday, ai normally wear baju kurung. Got a chance to dress up sikit la...
2. I got a chance to try new foods... I like when they served the Chinese Lunch... sebab jarang dapat makan this kind of food.

3. Diplomatic way of escaping from work. It is really a great relief when you don't have to be in front of the computer and look at those figures from 8.00am-5.30pm. The ideal no of days for training is 2 days. Then you start to feel officesick already.. true but weird.

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