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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Halal Wantan

My daughter has a special request for her friends coming over for raya... she wants me to prepare steamboat.... quite easy to get the ingredients from local supermarket... but I didn't normally buy the wantan... reason being... the Halal status that I'm concerned.. 

What option do I have then? answer for this is to make my own wantan....

First.. you need to prepare  the filling... it can be anything you desire...... I like to add some vegetables for the crunchiness ..... you may add chinese cabbage , canned button mushrooms.... etc


Dried Shitake Mushroom
Water Chestnut
Salt and pepper
Spring Onion
and a must have ingredient... 
Sesame oil
and don't forget
a pinch of love

Chopped all the ingredients and mixed well. Wrap in a wantan sheet....

 excuse for the upside down photo.... try rotating but still the same... very irritating...

I just bought the ready made wantan which cost less than RM2.00 for 100 sheets...Wantan sheets is made of flour, water and egg....

There are many ways to wrap the wantan... but I opt for the simplest version because this is what doable by my little tiny hands who assisted me... Put about 1 tsp of filling in the centre of the sheet.... then..

fold the sheet and meet the two edges together to form a triangle.... Add a water to make it sticky

Repeat the steps..... and that's it... keep it frozen or you may fry it first..... very very easy

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