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Friday, March 28, 2014

Wedding of Anne and Azlan

Belated "Congratulations" to Anne and Azlan for being together and officially ties the knot as a husband and wife... may Allah blessing fills your marriage with endless love, barakah, peace and happiness... may both of you are blessed with adorable babies.... is that too early to wish??? the earlier the better...  hihi

Wedding reception was held in Intekma Resort, Shah Alam....that place is so near to our house and parking can be quite challenging, so we decided to ride a scooter... because of my fit "baju kurung and sarong", there is no way I can be the pillion unless I sit on a side... so I'll be the rider for the day...and look at my heels.... wee hooooo.... let's vrooomm

p/s motor pinjam

The food was so delicious.... I like the beef rendang so much... typical Perak rendang tok ... black and dry....siap tambah lauk lagi.... to Anne and Azlan.... thanks for inviting us and semoga kekal bahagia hingga ke anak cucu.... 

p/s : You look like a doll on your wedding day and I never see such a most joyful bride on stage... so cute .... and we love the performance .... pendek kata... semua beshhhh la

and thanks to Yus, Jimah, Edan, Ori and Rini for being the chit chating partner for the day... being around with you guys always make me feels young at heart....

and couple shot for Ms Dots and enche hubby....

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