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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Urgent meeting.....

We were talking over the phone on this weekend plan… seems so complicated to communicate and decided to meet up somewhere….
So here we are…. Within 20 minutes all directors gathered for round table meeting….. before going for serious agenda, of course we need to fulfill our hunger first… eat first then only talk….
for almost 1 hour of introduction than the meeting started and end after 1 minute discussion… decision made.. and yes .. we are meeting up at 5.00 am at Shell Sec 9. Yes we are heading north (a place called Jitra to be specific) for Little Zara's Wedding....
opppsss I forgot to say thank you to Mr Chairman and  Gee for that wonderful dinner... sibuk bergambar sampai tak ingat nak bayar....

So next is to buy gift for Zara’s wedding….

Shall they buy this?
Or this?
No not this..capex budget not approved so…..after budget challenge and calibration.. we decided to go for small value asset and charged as opex..... mentang2 le yang nak kahwin ni orang budget......

Here is what the buy for Zara’s wedding…. with the hope that Zara use this wisely....
That’s the end of our meeting… meeting adjourned at around 9.30 pm.



  1. ehhh.. camner capex challenge wakil capex ni tak dijemput???????????? tumpang la hadiah...

  2. Niz,
    biasa lah over ride jer capex. Dah namanye pun urgent. K lin tak join hadiah ni. Tanya k gie. K lin belikan zara rice cooker biar dia rajin masak he he

  3. pergi konvoi ker...
    brapa org yg pegi...

  4. Konvoi empat keta. Semalam gi treasure hunt cherating dapat placing tak?

  5. hadiah cuma tiga jer...x de dlm top 3...
    cuma dpat cabutan bertuah sama pertandingan karaoke - juara (zurisman)


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