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Monday, December 9, 2013

Craze on MUJI


I first heard of Muji few years back from my colleague, but couldn't be bothered...until one day I saw my friend jotting down her work schedule on a nice decent notebook....there goes my craze... can't stop thinking of Muji .. I make a point to go to Muji in Midvalley last week,  I guess it's the biggest Muji in KL ... initially wanted to get 2014 planner and notebook for our household account... but end up buying beyond intended.... opppsss... fall in love with its stationary range.... simple but nice... I like those stuffs with "less is more" effect...



What is MUJI? (extracted from MUJI's official corporate website)

MUJI is not a brand whose value rests in the frills and “extras” it adds to its products.
MUJI is simplicity – but a simplicity achieved through a complexity of thought and design.
MUJI’s streamlining is the result of the careful elimination and subtraction of gratuitous features and design unrelated to function.
MUJI, the brand, is rational, and free of agenda, doctrine, and “isms.” The MUJI concept derives from us continuously asking, “What is best from an individual’s point of view?”
MUJI aspires to modesty and plainness, the better to adapt and shape itself to the styles, preferences, and practices of as wide a group of people as possible. This is the single most important reason people embrace MUJI.
MUJI – in its deliberate pursuit of the pure and the ordinary – achieves the extraordinary.

So what's in my basket for my first visit to MUJI....


2014 Planner
Household expenses notebook
GST notebook
Pen size highlighter (without cap)



am truly satisfied.... with my purchases... I am now ready to start year 2014... the paper quality, the perfect line size, perfect paper size, the bind strength which allow you to have a flat opening for a comfortable writing, the natural colour... arghhh... just love to have it...

and the other day, I couldn't help myself... revisit Muji but this time I went to Pavilion..  this time bought myself  a DIY pen, glue tape and post it note..... I am now thinking to go to MUJI again... owh no.... not again... perhaps in Singapore? why not.. dare to be natural...

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