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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Black Pepper Crab

 Black Pepper Crab

Apart from chilli crab or salted egg crab, you can try the black pepper crab for a change... the dish is simple but so delicious...hmm just love the aroma of ginger...


Fresh Crabs, cut into halves
Curry leaves
A bit of chilli padi
Ginger (sliced)
Oyster Sauce
Black Pepper Sauce
Salt and Pepper
Cooking oil 
Spill of love


Steamed the crab and put aside (this is to avoid excessive juice from the raw crab)
Heat oil in a pan
Saute garlic, ginger , curry leaves and  chilli padi
Then pour black pepper sauce and oyster sauce
Add salt and coarse pepper
and finally add the steamed crab

That's it..

Serve with plain white rice...


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