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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My latest herbs collection

I am always a fan of herbs... and I like to invest in herbs.. wah.. buying herbs can be considered investment? really... a good herbs makes a good dish.... so, everytime I went for my monthly grocery, I'll choose a new bottle of herbs to add on to my collection.... my favourite brand is Mc Cormick , because most of what they have on shelves are natural herbs... I even bought their white pepper which cost me RM9.++... I know that I can get from other local brand for 1/5 of the price... but most of them either add to much "artificial food flavour, or they over or under grind the herbs".....that's just an example...

Obviously, herbs add flavours, aroma and taste to your dish... the most basic one is of course your salt and pepper... I know... salt is not a herbs... but come hand in hand with pepper....actually, you need small portion of each for cooking.... but the problem with herbs... you can't buy it in small portion.... and if you don't buy them in bottled, then you end up buying everytime you want to use it.... it will be a waste.... so it's good to have every little portion of each type... so you can use it everytime you need it...

so tell me, how many herbs do you have in your kitchen? I have these and I'm using it... not just for display okay...
Coarse Black Pepper
Ground Black Pepper
White Pepper
Coriander Seed
Nutmeg Ground
Star Anise (Bunga lawang)
Cardamom (Buah Pelaga)
Cloves (Bunga Cengkih)
Fenugreek Seed (Halba)
Cumin Seed (Jintan Putih)
Black Seed
Chilli Flakes
Dried parsley
Dried bay leave
Assorted Curry Powder

That's are among the individual stand alone herbs....

I have also a mixed of herbs for easy cooking

Sup bunjut (must have)
Mixed Herbs for BBQ marinate
Italian mixed herbs
and to add to my latest collection
I have just bought this
Herbs for Pizza and Pasta
and comes with

So you can twist them to get the herbs sprinkled into your cooking pan....
and just gives a great feeling...
which are hard to say one...

and because I'm too tempted to try this herb
exactly like the pictute on the label of the bottle....
so I made this
justified my purchase right?

That's about herbs.... I'll share with you on my sauce collection next time....


  1.'ve made it sound worth investing in. Will definitely try the latest one that was mentioned. Kalau tak sedap, Sri call Olin for the right recipe ek?

  2. Sri,

    Can check this out for recipe


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